Low Code

Unlock the Potential of Your Digital Transformation

Comprehensive Form Builder

Our robust form builder is equipped with all the features you need to design and customize your application.

Dynamic Workflow

Experience the power of a versatile workflow with capabilities beyond those of leading low code platforms.

Seamless Enterprise Integration

Effortlessly integrate with a wide range of systems using our API connections.

Scalable Solutions

Start small and scale up as your needs evolve.

Robust Security

Your data is encrypted, always ensuring its protection.

Low Code speed

Accelerate YourApp Development

Experience the convenience of developing apps in days, not months! Share your requirements with us and prepare to be amazed by the results.

Successful manager looks at camera and smiles, businessman writes on glass board, schedule, and plans and future
Low Code creation

Why Our Low Code?

Our platform boasts one of the most comprehensive form builders, providing an extensive range of features to address your every need. We offer end-to-end workflow solutions, catering to the simplest or most complex requirements. Our years of experience in serving mobile operators have equipped us with the expertise to manage complexity and deliver results for the most demanding business verticals.

Low Code & BPM

Experience the power of our Low Code BPM

Designed to handle even the most intricate workflows. When it comes to implementing new services or replacing legacy systems, seamless integration is key. Our NTGapps Digital Toolbox can integrate with most existing systems through API technology or direct database connections, ensuring smooth compatibility with your infrastructure.

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Low Code production

Both web and mobile

Generating apps for web-based and native mobile environments. If you encounter a unique demand not available within our platform, our team is ready to enhance your app development with JavaScript. Choose between SaaS or on-premises deployment to utilize your app according to your preferences.