Introducing Our ITSM Suite

Streamline Your IT Service Management for Peak Performance

Experience the power of our comprehensive ITSM Suite, designed to optimize your IT service management processes, enabling seamless incident tracking and rapid resolution. As a leading software solution in the ITSM industry, our ITSM Suite is aligned with ITIL4 standards and offers you the adaptability you need to integrate and customize the platform to meet your organization's unique requirements.

Benefits Of ITSM

Support product / service

Increase Productivity

Audit IT department

Better service & experience

Save business time

High return on investment ROI

Lower cost of IT operation

Prioritize IT operations

More effective planning

Change management

Key Features

Full  alignment with  ITIL4 standards

Integration with your existing IT environment

Highly customizable to suit your specific needs

Accessible through web and mobile platforms

Available as both SaaS & on-premises solutions

Our ITSM Suite

is designed to grow and scale alongside your organization. With a reliable help desk solution at the core of your IT service management, you'll be well-positioned to achieve ongoing success.

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Module list

Knowledge management

Record all solutions used to resolve incidents or problems on ITSM system to help with coming other issues, passing by a simple process to review the solution before adding it as a knowledge, so if the issue recuring again the solution is recognized.

IT Asset Management (CMDB)

This module allows you to track your company IT assets knowing its status (In use, Expired, In Repair, power off) And all the asset details, (network details, memory details, etc.) in addition to Asset life cycle (Installation date, operation date, expiration date).

Incident management

Track and manage the ticket full cycle from recording it to resolving or rejecting the ticket.

At first, the L1 support team are enable to record the ticket on the system and resolve it or convert it to a problem or escalate it to the next levels of support (L2, L3) teams.

Problem management

Track and manage the problem full cycle starting from the incident. The problem process pass by three main phases:  Prioritization of the problem, Investigation, and Diagnosis ending with the problem manager review on the final result then he can close the problem or return back to service desk team to re-investigate the problem.

SLA (Service level Agreement)

Overview all the operations done with the status. Further, you can view the number of requests per department. Plan and view your SLA service target.

Plan OLA to buffer your service and grantee delivering your SLA. You can add an SLA profile or list it.

Request fullfilment

Manage all your request fulfillment operations from a rich dashboard.

You can follow up on the requests, search on a request and sort it by Status. 

Further, you can view the request by their priority type and Vendor.

You can create a request and get a list of all requests

Service Catalog

Define all your required services here.

You can search on a catalog, and sort it by status. Further, identify the catalogs by their priority at all times and service type.

You can update your catalog and get a list of all catalogs.

Change Request

Restore normal service operations as quickly as possible. Minimize the adverse impact on business operation. Increase visibility and communication of CRs to businesses. Record and classify received CRs and undertake an immediate effort in order to solve CRs as quickly as possible.

working with our ITSM Suite


Our experienced implementation team will work closely with you to design, size, and execute your ITSM project, ensuring a seamless transition to our comprehensive solution. With our ITSM Suite, you're not just getting a product – you're getting a complete, tailored solution designed to streamline your IT service management and drive success.

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