Visit Request Management


  • Increased Efficiency: Visits Requests Management System eliminates the need for manual processing and tracking, streamlining the entire process and saving time for both the requester and the business.
  • Improved Communication: With automated confirmation emails and real-time updates, both the requester and the business are kept informed of the status of the Visits request, improving communication, and reducing confusion.
  • Enhanced Security: Visits Requests Management System can also be configured to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed on the premises, enhancing security, and preventing unauthorized Visits.
  • Data Analytics: The system can also provide valuable data and analytics on Visits Requests, such as the frequency of requests, the types of requests, and the average response time, helping the business to make informed decisions and improve the overall process.
  • Flexibility for using mobile application for showing the QR code at the gates.
  • Flexibility for using the mobile application for requesting Visits requests from any place.

How it Works

Requester features and flow:

  • Add a new visit request:
    • User has to full the required main attribute for the request as beside:
  • In case user has attachments, so user can upload the required attachments as below from attachments tab:
  • User can view the list of (his/her) requests from the workspace as below:

Manager features:

  • Manager user have a workspace which includes all requests and its status and analytics as below:
  • Configure lookups: as a manager for the system configuration for lookups are available as following:
  • Manager user can add single rows or user bulk feature to upload bulk records as following:

Mobile App screens:

  • Requester Home page
  • Requester new request screen
  • Requester reports screen
  • Manager workspace

Visit Request Management Use Case


Visits Requests Management System is a software solution that streamlines and automates the process of managing Visits Requests from clients, customers, vendors, or any other external parties. This system can be used in a variety of businesses, such as hospitals, educational institutions, government agencies, and corporate offices, to ensure that all incoming Visits Requests are processed efficiently and effectively.


Without a proper system in place, Visits Requests can often get lost or delayed, resulting in frustration for both the requester and the business. Additionally, it can be challenging to track and manage all the different Visits Requests coming from multiple sources, leading to a time-consuming and error-prone process.


Visits Requests Management System provides a centralized platform and mobile application for managing all incoming Visits Requests. Portal and mobile application can automate the entire process, from receiving requests to approving them, scheduling Visits requests, and sending confirmation emails. The system can also be customized to fit the specific needs of the business, such as requesting additional information or documentation from the requester.


Visits Requests Management System and mobile application are essential tools for any business that receives external Visits Requests. It provides a simple, efficient, and secure way to manage these requests, improving communication, saving time, enhancing security, and providing valuable data insights.