Ship2Go lets your shipping & receiving department easily carry out all their day-to-day business operations including managing shipments, customs clearances, and daily assignments with SLAs dedicated to each task.
From landing to warehouse, imported goods are tracked with government approvals and management of the third parties all in one native mobile and web  application.
Secure, flexible, and easily integrated, Ship2Go makes shipping and receiving manageable no matter your system.
  • Manage end-to-end steps of your shipments.
  • Track your shipments details and their delivery through a web portal and through your mobile app.
  • Define your shipment details and set its incoterm.
  • Define shipment freight details including its dates.
  • Update and track shipment progress step by step.
  • Log shipment clearing and awarding activities details.
  • View shipment details, status and updates at any point of time.
  • Dashboard for shipments according to their status.

DRP Process

DRP Process provides a ready-to-use, customizabe framework of procedures to deal with any disaster.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Recover quickly, restart work, and ensure the continuity of your business by responding decisively to disruptions.

Minimize damage to your finances and reputation. DRP Process lays out a clear road to recovery so you can get back to business as usual.


Project Tracking

Project Tracking is a one-stop solution for managing all the projects in your pipeline, from the fine details of individual tasks and activities to the large-scale milestones they work towards.
Get your projects back on track and make sure they stay that way with built-in resource management, change request analysis, and project risk impact assessment.
With dashboards and notifications customizable to meet your precise needs, Project Tracking means you’ll never miss a milestone again.
  • Helps your organization identify, prioritize, and execute projects.
  • Plans, manages, and controls projects and project portfolios in all sizes while utilizing resources and taking budgets into consideration.
  • Supremely flexible for managing projects, programs, and entire portfolios from a single platform that provides a comprehensive view of the status of every project and/or initiatives.
  • Provides a unique approach to project and portfolio management by combining a strategy-led and execution-driven methods in a single solution.
  • Greatly reduces your implementation time and allows you to grow as your processes mature.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration helps you kickstart your digital transformation by moving your company data to the cloud.
Eliminate the costs and points of vulnerability associated with on-site IT. Cloud data means service disruptions are minimized and updates are rolled out quickly.
Be prepared for the work-from-home era. Cloud Migration is the quick and secure way to make sure your employees have access to the same resources and stay on the same page.
  • Manage the migration from an on-premise or mainframe solution to various cloud platforms including:
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Amazon AWS
    • Oracle
    • Digital Ocean
    • Google Cloud
  • Developed through the experience of managing multiple enterprise cloud migration projects, we have developed processes and procedures to ensure a smooth transition that tracks:
    • Provisioning
    • Data migration
    • Application code
    • Developer and resource utilization
    • Multi-cloud redundancy
    • Agile development cycles
    • Backup management
    • Encryption certificate management
    • Security checklist
    • Monthly cost calculation
Asset Management

Asset Management

Tracks the complete life-cycle of inventory from acquisition to delivery to retirement. It is easy to use, and provides accurate inventory information and assists in just in time delivery while guaranteeing the completion of all projects on schedule.

A non-intrusive asset management and tracking software that supports team collaboration, asset reservations, inspections, checkouts, audits, warranties, and much more.

We understand that time is of the essence, therefore, it is configured to the way our clients work. It will tell you when preventive maintenance is due so that action can be taken. It also collects valuable data regarding past maintenance and future maintenance, which will have a positive impact on the ability to plan and manage future events. Some of the features include:

  • Import spreadsheets with asset information for easy data migration
  • Preventative and predictive notifications
  • Reports on cost and usage data
  • Document Management repository included
  • Source supplier and automated inventory ordering
  • Supports Bar Code scanning and RFID
  • Interface with ERP capabilities
  • Asset-centric model translates to easier access to asset’s most critical information

Incident Management


    • For the Business as a whole
    • Reduced business impact of Incidents by timely resolution, thereby increasing effectiveness
    • The proactive identification of beneficial system enhancements and amendments
    • The availability of business-focused management information related to the SLA.
    • For the IT organization in particular:
    • Improved monitoring, allowing performance against SLAs to be accurately measured
    • Improved management information on aspects of service qualityBetter staff utilization, leading to greater efficiency
    • Elimination of lost or incorrect Incidents and service requests
    • More accurate CMDB information (giving an ongoing audit while registering Incidents)
    • Improved User and Customer satisfaction.

Field Service Management

  • Secure mobile app
  • Workflow standardization
  • Getting rid of paperwork
  • Quicker invoicing
  • Dynamic scheduling and the ability to take urgent tasks
  • Cost reduction with fuel control and route optimization
  • Parts and inventory management
  • Equipment tracking
  • More accurate task matching
  • Keeping a knowledge base and client history
  • Knowing your business

Expense Management

Description coming soon…

Expense Management
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

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Campaign Management

Description coming soon…

Campaign Management

Maintenance Scheduling

  • Transparency and Predictability
  • Enhancing Building Safety
  • Optimizing the Workflow
  • Increasing Equipment Longevity
  • Environmentally Responsible

Lease Management

  • Cost: it has the benefit of potentially saving you a huge amount of time and money.
  • Manage Your Accounting; Log payments in the application, record expenses, note who you’re paying, when payments are made or received, digitize receipts and automate complex accounting reports.
  • Communication: Keeping all the information about tenants and contractors in one place and associated with the relevant properties helps remember who is who. On top of that, you can easily automate communications like rent reminders saving you time and ensuring prompt payments.
  • Automation: Automating reminders, produce professional reports showing your profit and loss, expenses, rent collections, etc.
  • Accessibility: everything digitalized stored securely in a proper conceptual modelling. Plus, ability to update data from anywhere.
  • Scalability; manage more, and in doing so increase your revenue and profit.
  • Simplified Backup & Recovery
  • Data analysis: all the information you introduce into the system is stored, which enables you to run a thorough analysis and gives you insights into your business. Proper data analysis allows you to spot any inefficiencies and discover new opportunities
Lease Management

Timesheet Tracking

Description coming soon…

Visit Management

  • Virtual queuing for a convenient customer journey.
  • Streamline the customer flow and your operations.
  • Reduce service and wait times.
  • Increase profits with targeted ads.
  • Increase branch efficiency and productivity.
  • Control branches and queues remotely in real-time.
  • Make insightful business decisions.
  • Easy to integrate with back-end and third-party systems.
Visit Management

Order Management

Description coming soon…

Invoicing & Payments

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Accounts Payable

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Request for Proposals

Description coming soon… 

Request for Proposals
Customer Profile

Customer Profile

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